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What Wad ?

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HI Guys,
Quick question,What replacement wad will fit a Fiocchi 1&1/8 Target hull with a six point crimp?

I thought they were different because the hull is almost clear. Also I believe these hulls are straight wall cases.

Bought some wads from a friend but the didn't seem to be tall enought. By this I mean all the shot did not fit in the cup which I think will make a lot of flyers. Please correct me if I'm wrong. By the way these hulls also have a six point crimp.

I've been reloading STS if I reload these will I need to adjust my 9000.
I would like to reload these with 1&1/8 of shot too.

Thanks for your help,and Happy Easter to all.

Eric R Vega
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Adjustments may always be needed on your loader when you change things up on your reloads
OK I only know 1 person who shoots fiocchi shells and reloads also
He swears by Gualandi 1222 wads for his 1 1/8 trap load. From what I seen on the load data on both Hodgdon and Alliant most of the common wads are also used
Rem fig8, WAA12 , rxp12, claybuster clones and down range, Versalite was also seen on the loaddata.
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