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2020 Westy Hogans - August 16 Update!!
The Westy Hogans is a go! Online presquadding is open & recommended; currently scheduled to close September 4. You can find the online presquadding here,
Practice on Bank 6 will be available Thursday, September 10 from Noon to 6pm:ish.
Due to the overwhelming response for the PA State Shoot, PA Grand & Summer Championships, we’ll be continuing this for the Westy Hogans. Shooters can email Brian James at [email protected]. Please provide your full name, ATA #, averages for SNG/HDC/DBL and special category if applicable. As well as what class you feel you should be based on the 6 class system.
For anyone who has pre-squadded, we’ll be doing yours automatically. We still ask that you send a request in to assure proper class/category.
As always, it’s the shooters responsibility to assure you’re classified correctly. Any corrections can be made at the Classification Office prior to Cashiering.
As required by the Governor’s latest directive – we will require all employees, contestants, and families to wear a mask when in the PSSA building. There will be NO acceptable reasons for not complying with this mandate. If you are unable to wear a mask you should make arrangements for someone else to squad, cashier, etc. for you.
Also, in order to do our best to comply with the mandated maximum number of people in the building at any one time we ask that you do the following:
1. Maintain social distancing while at squadding, cashiering, or in the kitchen.
2. Have your payment ready and, if paying by check, have the check made out in advance so you are through the process as quickly as possible.
3. Leave the building immediately upon completion of required business or receiving food. Take your food outside for consumption.
If we all cooperate with these conditions we should have no problem complying with the Governor’s directives and have an enjoyable time.
Thank you
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