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Come out to the St. Patricks Day meat shoot this Sunday (March 17th) at West Chester Gun Club.

Event Details:

15 shooters take to the firing line across 3 trap fields.
Each squad shoots a normal round of trap (25) from 16 yards.
All scores from the 15 shooters are used to award the prize Lewis Class Style.

4 prizes for every 15 shooters. (ties are settled via “dice roll” or “High Number” can draw. )

Shooting for Steaks.
Cost: $10.

St. Patricks Day Special:
Shamrock Shot
Each machine used for the meat shoot will have 2 green birds placed randomly in the stack (placement determined by a number generator). During the events, any shooter who hits a green bird wins a non-meat prize. (no extra cost to the shooter).


2 green birds randomly placed in the stack per 4 rounds.
“Shamrock Shot” only played during the meat shoot events.
After 4 rounds on the house, 2 new green birds are placed in the stack
Shooter must hit the green bird.
A missed green bird is dead and the prize is not awarded.
The “shamrock shot” is random and is not awarded to any shooter other than a successful hit. (no ties, no high gun)
If the green bird is released during “show one” the next shot will be the green bird.
If the green bird breaks on release of the machine, the next bird will substitute for the green bird.
Score keeper and management have final say if a bird was broken.
Placement of green bird is set by random number generator using 2 numbers per bird placement. 1-16 (stacks of birds on turret) and 1-32 (number of rows down from the top in the stack of birds)
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