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When my children wear young I was not able to go to a lot of school functions due to work obligations plus having a tyrant for a boss who felt a man should be at work and the wife should go see the kids in school plays.

My daughter and son in law invited my wife and I to see my three grandsons sing in a Christmas concert tonight. I can not begin to tell you how much we enjoyed seeing our grand kids sing.

The auditorium was full plus they were reading numbers from ticket stubs giving away numerous free gifts to people in attendance.

During the evening each grade performed. The woman in charge of the choir than announced that the last song would be sung by the entire class ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade. The kids were on stage plus they were also lining the isles while singing.

She also said that the final song they would sing was a very special song. She said the song was about the Sandy Hook tragedy. She said after this horrific incident occurred people across the country were sending snow flakes in honor of each student who was killed.

It was very sad as the children were waving colorful snowflakes as they were singing. My youngest grandson is the age of some of the victims and I sat there thinking how could someone do something like this?

All I could say to myself was that I wish I would have been there to stop this Hannis act. During the song I also remembered Diane Sawyer interviewing a blond hair teacher from the school. She was visibly shaken and she did protect her students from harm. I found myself asking how does a teacher, a parent, survive something like this?

Like I previously said, I wish I would have been there that day to help those children. Please keep these children and parents and teachers in your prayers especially during this holiday season. No one should ever have to experience a day like they did that particular day.
Steve Balistreri
Wauwatosa Wisconsin
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