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Extra Fancy American Walnut stock made by Wenig for the Beretta UGB. Very similar to the New American geometry that they offer.
I picked the blank to match the factory Beretta colors so it would match the factory forearm. I included a picture alongside the OEM forearm just to show how they match (forearm is not for sale).

Drop to comb: 1.725" (and heel since its parallel)
Drop to Monte Carlo: 2.76"
Length of pull: 13.625/13.75/14/14.125
Cast off toe/toe out: 1.5"
Cast off comb: 1/4"
Right hand medium palm swell
Rubbed Oil Finish

Additional items included:
Adjustable Pad Plate Assembly
Used to lower the recoil pad as I started holding a higher gun. But moves up and down and rotates either direction. Also adds a thickness which is why there are multiple LOP measurements above.​
2 Kickeez Recoil Pads
Two different thicknesses which is why there are 4 LOP measurements above​
Taller comb posts
Purchased from Wenig to go high with the comb, fitted once but never used otherwise.​
The extra piece of walnut from the stock blank
Measures approx 6" x 4.5" x 2.25". Kept it just in case I wanted a new comb made or something similar down the road.
I take very good care of my stuff but sadly someone was not as nice one day at a shoot. The scratch is shallow and not usually noticeable but I wanted to make sure it was known as I know I would want to know.
It measures 1/32" wide X 1/4" long and it located on the lower portion of the inside (left side) of the stock a little bit behind the pistol grip.
I made sure the flash showed it in one of the photos below.

I've done my best to describe the stock and everything with it. If I missed something please let me know and I'll do my best to help.
I'm in the Colorado if you want to see/hold the stock in person.

Asking $850 for the stock and all of the items listed above.




You can see the scratch I mentioned above in the photo below:





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