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WAY O/T Luger proofmarks

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I saw a 90% Luger at a local pawn shop. The owner said it was made in 1937 and was an SS pistol. I saw no SS markings on it, but he said he had researched the proof marks and they were SS. All the guns parts matched as far as serial number, but not the magazine.

Any ideas as to where to look on the internet for specific proofmarks?

Thanks in advance,

Harry Gable
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There was a Luger that was considered by many collectors to be a SS. They were the death head rework. Early DWM or Erfurt 1914-1918. This model is thought to be early SS 1930-1933. The reason its thought to be SS is a skull and cross bone proof mark above the date on the chamber. I would consider any Luger that is suppose to be SS suspect until its documented. If you can describe that proof mark I will look it up in one of my Luger books.

Navy and Luftwaffe Lugers are easier to identify. I collected Nazi items for 20 some years. I had adds in the paper and shoppers from 1979 until the mid 90s and about every item I bought was taken of either a German officer or a SS officer so I was told.

If your looking for a real nice Luger at the Tulsa gun show a few weeks ago we had 12 really nice Lugers on are table including 1 carbine some of these are still available.
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