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You are welcome to try/shoot mine. And too, I have an as new PGE (pull the foot) trigger as they do not make a tree that is bottom first. I shoot a PGE in my RS and same trigger in my MX3 Special. Foot changing is minor issue. But I have a VG Allem you can try as well. It has been my experience that EXT triggers in DR can become problematical. I do have a P4 (2 in fact) you can try as well. Get back to me and we can meet up at the club. The MOST IMPORTANT THING in trying a Release is to make sure that the pull and release points fall into t he normal category. To me (and Rackley and Beaker100 that would be a set of 4.5-5# and let go at 24 to 32 ounces. I shoot 4.5 set and 26 oz boom.
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