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wal mart ammo

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Does Walmart sell books on punctuation?

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Walmart has their own bar-codes on boxes of ammo?

When Walmart sells their remaining inventory of ammunition they will stop selling ammunition. I got this from a Walmart employee.

Jim Skeel<br>P/W Dealer/Distributor
Wal Mart in Salinas CA still doesn't have any 22 ammo and very little stock. I did find some 12ga AA boxes but would like to have some plinking ammo.
I can't beleive that the Sparta, IL Wal-Mart won't be selling ammo the week of the Grand. It will be interesting to see. Martinpicker
Why are you shopping for AMMO at wal-mart in the first place they don't support
our sport all they want to support is their bottom line taking away from
dealers who do this for a living Shame on you

And many of these "dealers" who do it for a living are sticking it to their customers at this time. Support your local dealer. They have your back. RIGHT!!.
All hilarious and funny untrue BS.

They are ordering ammo and receiving it on a daily basis. If your Wal Mart isn't, they were not much of an ammo/gun seller to start with. The "special black market bar codes" is the best I've heard yet. If Sparta doesn't have ammo for the Grand, it would only be because the manufactures couldn't supply enough.

There is a nation wide ammo/gun hoarding problem and over all shortage. It isn't some conspiracy against you or other gun owners. Trust me, if Wal Mart(at least here) could get a ship load, they would. They also are one of the few who have not raised prices. I have bought plenty of it from them lately to shoot. Not sell or hoard.
This is interesting. A close family member is a lead in the sporting goods department here at a Walmart in Spokane. He has assured me that Walmart has ordered ammunition at a high rate...but the manufacturers can't fill the orders. No plans on removing ammunition, or firearms, from their retail stores. On an aside, and Riggs, I do realize there is a place for loyalty to your local dealers, I have absolutely no issue with buying my ammo at Walmart over more localized stores. As was pointed out, Walmart didn't raise prices...they did limit purchases to three boxes per day, to limit hoarding. Unfortunately, they probably enacted that too late to prevent much of that from happening. The local stores here, by and large, did bump pricing, which is their right, and God bless them, they're getting what they're asking...but loyalty is a two way street there. Walmart also has been one of the few stores that sponsored our local clubs with reduced pricing on cases of shells, back when they had them. Just my two pennies worth.
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Our local Wal-Mart gets new ammo in every night and puts it out at 7am. Three box limit and it is all sold out by 8am. As mentioned above, they have ammo on order and back order and wish they could supply the customers needs. I praise them for not raising their prices. If you catch them on the right day and time, they are still getting ARs in stock and sell them for pre-panic prices. Now, can you say that of your local gun and pawn? No, they are jacking a gun that usually sells for $1097.00 up to $2400.00. So, who is really the greedy money grubbers and who will have my business after all this panic mess dies down? Well, it is not hard to guess.
The local gun show dealers are trying to get $85 for a box of 525 22lr shell that sells for $25 at wal-mart. So who is watching our back? If Wal-mart and a few other stores quit selling you would be getting screwed big time by the dealers.
OK folks--went to a gun show in Sarasota fl today---one guy had a freezer bag (500 rds) of 22 ammo--no boxes ,just bulk---only $100.
I went to a firearms auction this past Monday and watched amo go for ridiculous prices. A box of Winchester 22lr (550 count) sold for $70 + a 10% auction premium so a finished price of $77.00 + tax.

All amo was going for those type prices. Being an auction, there was no set price, just what several bidders were willing to pay.
I think I need to go to one of those auctions, not to buy but to sell, the day after the election I bought 12,500 rnds of 22 LR for $21.65 per 525
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