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Wainwright, AB End Of Summer - Burt Brumwell Memorial Shoot

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This past weekend was the End Of Summer/Burt Brumwell Memorial Trap Shoot held in Wainwright, AB. The shoot was a great success thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Johnson family, workers and volunteers.
There was some great scores posted with a few 100 straights in the singles events and a few coming darned close to perfect scores in both the handicap and doubles events. There was a shoot-off for high gun A class doubles that went one round without a missed target so the shooters were moved back to the 27 yard line to continue the shoot-off for a winner. It was over after that next round. It was a fun shoot-off to watch.
Shooters, their families and shoot helpers were treated to a free bbq lunch saturday & sunday courtesy of Brad Mappins and his family with locally made bratwurst sausage and hamburgers from beef raised on the Mappins family farm, we can't say thanks enough for such a kind gesture.
On Saturday evening following the 200 singles awards presentation a toast was held to honor the passing of fellow shooter Burt Brumwell who left us during the winter of 2021. Burt's widow Heather was present at the ceremony and participated in the shoot all weekend. It was great to see her continue to take part in shooting and attending shoots as hard as it may be for her but she appeared to be in good spirits and was all smiles and laughs surrounded by her trapshooting family of many years.
Following the toast to Burt which was preceeded by a great roast beef supper a short birthday celebration was held for my wife as it was her birthday that day. She never saw it coming and she sure had a surprised look on her face when I carried out a cake large enough to feed the supper crowd singing happy birthday to her. Afterward she told me she had to fight back tears as she never had such a great birthday. Here are a few pics from the shoot.
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Even though I shot just average it was another great shoot in wainwright, always nice to go there Brad and the club volunteer's do a real bang up job of everything, glad Deb like her surprise cake it was delicious😋😋.
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Unfortunately due to Covid, we have been sort of disconnected to happenings in Canada. I did not realize that Burt had passed until I saw this post. I shot with him many times at Tucson. He was a gentleman of the old school. My condolences to Heather. The shoot seems like a nice tribute to him.
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