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For sale are the items in the attached pic. I really don't want to split up the items. I would rather ship in one flat rate USPS box.

Make me an offer and by Tuesday, February 11th, I will the person with the best offer know by private message and will let everyone else know via a post in this thread that the items are no longer available.

If no one has any interest which is a very real possibility, I will just chunk in the trash. These are the last of the items that I am selling for a grandson whose grand dad passed away and don't see any reason to risk his money by paying for ebay fees, etc., and the items not selling, or selling for a loss.

Thanks to those on this site with helping me identify numerous parts, I was able to sell them for $460.00 minus shipping, etc.

If you are interested, please factor in about $6-7 for flat rate small box shipping. Shipping starts at $5.80 and goes up from there with up to fifty dollars of insurance included if memory serves correctly.

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