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Value of used Spolar

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Trying to get an idea of what used Spolar loaders are selling for. Complete with hydraulic pump.
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A-LOT---Buy a Dillon or Mec if your looking for $$ saving----SJB
Go to the recycling center. You'll see bales of tin cans ready to be turned into MECs!!
oleo---I always had respect but you must be on something lately---gL---George
That wont work on the brain---With love---George
Do a search here in the FS section and you will see what they have been selling for. I would guess something like $1000 for the loader and $750 for the hydraulics, assuming fairly new production, over #1200 or so. There isn't much that wears out on a Spolar and their customer service is top notch. This leads to a very high resale value.
I and a lot of others would like to buy a Spolar for $1000?
I did buy a used one on here for $1,100 a few years ago. It was as new!!
You can do a search on here about the ones that have been sold. They I have seen go from $1700.00 to $2400.00. That the loader and hyd. Not shipping added.
Avaldes: $1000 for a Spolar......Yea right. I'll buy all I can get for $1000.00.
Worth about $100 and I'll help you out and take it for that.......
I did a search and cant find the selling prices.
For $1,500.00 I'd want it so I could push a button and watch it load---SJB
Loaders are like cars, they all get you there but the ride is different on each model and the price reflects it.

If you own a Spolar seems you think the resale is higher than the market can bear IMO. There was a guy on here trying to sell one with hydraulic for 2200 FIRM. I dont believe he ever got it sold or at least not through anyway even with all the posts...."TTT" "what a great loader"...."bumps" he could get.

So that must be to high.

I had a guy in Phoenix offer me his Spolar, hyd, with spolar table for 1800 which was a fair deal and IMO was worth 2k. BTW, his sold right away to.

So thats my answer, Loader, hydraulic, with table 2000.00
Order a new one and see how long it takes to get it. That's what gives the Spolar there higher resale. Not like all the others where you can find them on the shelf at your local mom and pop stores.
For the price they sell for your better off buying New shells---It will take yrs to make up the difference with new vs reload with the price of components--
You can buy a good used Mec9000H for around $500.00 and it will last for many yrs---I can't wear mine out----Just saying my opinion---SJB
Everyone perceives value differently. I bought a used spolar and have reloaded 16,000 or more per year across 4 gauges for 4 years, have spent $60-80 on maintenance since I got it. The Spolar has paid for itself with the 28ga/410 bore reloading alone. Still running strong and when I do decide to sell will probably be able to get 70-90% of what I paid for it. If you only want to load 12ga shells buy factory shells or a less expensive loader ie MEC. If you load 4 gauges, the beauty of one loader with simple gauge changes really only leaves you with the PW800 or the Spolar.
They are $1600 new. No way I would buy used just to save a couple of hundred bucks unless it was as new.
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