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This is for a Browning shotgun. It was on my BT99. It is 3/4 inch tall and just a hair over 31 inches long (not quite 31 1/16). It is 3/8 in wide. I had it on my 34 inch BT99.

The adhesive has been removed.

I used it to determine if I could shoot a higher rib. It was a great trial at a very reasonable cost - a better choice than the balsa wood system I heard about.

I removed it because I didn't get the full heads-up mount I thought I'd get. It worked fine.

The mid-bead is at 14 inches.

To install, remove your front bead and install on this rib. You may have to drill out a little on the underside if your mid mead is not in the same place mine is. Clean your existing rib and the bottom of this one with alcohol. Use double-sided automotive molding mount tape. Clamp overnight to assure a good bond.

The is one tiny nick on the front of the rib. I hit it with a black Sharpie. Wiped it off with alcohol for this picture.

These cost about $129 new. I'll let this one go for $50.00 - including shipping.

Can we do this one via email and/or PM? I'm not at the office today.
A personal check is fine (or money order). Your choice, just no credit cards. If anyone wants to rip me off for $50.00, it will rest on his heart, not mine.

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