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updating 70's Mec 600jr.

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I was wondering if I can update my old 600jr's resize/deprime die with the current one. Looking at the design it looks like it should operate smoother. The eject bolt is worn out on my press and was thinking maybe I could update it instead of replacing that cheezy bolt. It looks like I would need: new style eject bolt
knockout bushing
support tube
resize ring
These are the only parts with different part #s between my old press and the current press. Parts come to about $38.00, versus a couple bucks just to fix it with the old design. I don't mind paying for the new parts if they will make my press operate smoother. Any input welcome, if no one knows, I will call Mec and see if the new parts will fit the old press.
Thanks all!!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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