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Unblocking Perazzi Safety

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I recently sold a Perazzi to a fellow TS'er, and left the safety blocked. OOPS!

This may help re activate the safety.

After removing the stock, locate the hole in the upper tang directly behind and below the safety. The Mirage pictured has a pin in the hole. To remove pin, push out with correct punch. IIRC, push pin out from right to left. Then replace stock.

Pushing the safety forward will disengage the trigger. This may take a considerable effort. Be prepared to catch or pull trigger out of receiver.

When re installing, push safety forward, while installing trigger. Make sure the trigger is pushed completely into receiver, then tug on trigger guard.

Be aware that trigger may fall out while shooting if not correctly installed. OUCH> $$$$$$$

When safety is pushed to the rear, it is safed. Remember, never totally depend on any mechanical safety. The primary safety of any firearm is MUZZLE DIRECTION.
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I actually NEED the safety on, since I am going to be using this on LIVE Pheasant for sanctioned AKC events.

If the AKC representative ever asked to check out a shotgun and the safety did not work I would probably be banned from ever shooting in the events.

I will let you know how it comes out when I pick it up after my 10 day waiting period here in California, on Feb 13th.
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