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I'm looking for a 2 gun cart for trapshooting

Any suggestins would be appreciated.

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I have a Rugged Gear and am very pleased with it.

The two gun Rugged Gear Shooting cart would be nice.

The best price I can find so far is $229.00.

Midway no longer has them but their last price was $169.99.

Know of any good deals outh there?

dont buy the one cabelas sells. it made by do-all. the tires and tubes are crap.
I wouldn't wait for a used one to pop up - there don't seem to be any, and
nobody wants to box and ship them. I want one,too, and I'll probably just get it from Rugged Gear and pay full price.

Be sure and get the no-flat tires.
Rugged gear works fine. I have also seen home brew stuff based on a golf cart that looks even nicer! Check a thrift shop for golf cart if you like doing your own thing. Better quality in the frame and wheels.
Maybe you could find a used one on eBay or some other shooting site. Shipping and packaging will cost some $.

I had a Rugged Gear in their storage bag and sold it at our club last year in 20 minutes.

Gene in Illinois
I keep checking on Craig's List and found a used baby jogger for $30. I bought a set of gun holder brackets from one of the guns accessory stores and made my on gun cart. Works great! In case I didn't want to use it any more, I kept all the sun visor parts to the baby jogger so that I could put it back on and sell it for what I paid.

Thanks for all the good info.

Many Moons ago, Gene sold me a "Range Boy"... it was one of the earlier styles, but on occasion you may come across one... still think it offers a great design and utility... still use it for Sporting Clays courses or days I bring two guns to a trap shoot...

regards all,

Do-All cart. Brand new. Never used. $110 plus cost to send. Jw
I also have a new Rugged Gear two gun cart with all the acess. I would sell for $ 125 picked up in the Birmingham, Al. area. UPS wonts nearly as much to ship as what I am asking for it.
Ahab: It's about time you got your act together with one of these. Mine sure saved my shooting career. If you get this cart or anyone else purchases one keep this in mind. Put 6 boxes of shells in the nose of the cart to help "keep the nose down" or else when you start to push it around the nose will come up very quickly and you take the risk of falling on your face. I put a 4 pack box in the lower end and 2 towards the top of the nose. This weight also helps when I put my fold-up stool on the cart to lug it around. Do not, under any circumstances, use inflated tires. Flat free, only way to go.

Charlee: Get the best, Rugged Gear, You will not be sorry. With all that money you won at Redlands saturday as well as last month (Lewis Event) you should have enough to pay for a new one now. Bob English
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