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Turket Ammo Question

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Why do the heavier than lead products seem to carry lighter than lead payloads?

Seems to me that one would want the same volume of shot in each type of shell and if that were the cas, the hevier than lead product would weigh more?
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The most general answer to the question is that shot shell payloads are based on weight, not volume. You'll notice that if you buy shells they indicate the weight of the payload (1 oz, 1 1/8 oz, etc) not volume (2 cubic centimeters, etc).

The ballistics of a shell are impacted by weight of the ejecta, not the volume, so you can't just substitute various payloads that take the same volume without impacting the ballistics.

I am mostly refering to factory ammo, Why not fill the shell?
The weight of the shot load is a main determiner in the amount of chamber pressure the powder charge is allowed to create before the shot moves.

The max for 12 gauge 2¾" loads is 11,500 PSI.

If a full shell of heavier-than-lead payload was used, the powder pressure could build to unsafe levels trying to move the extra weight and bad things might happen to the gun.

Same reason some guys make 7/8 oz shells for trap shooting - they cost less to make.

The high density substitutes for lead shot are all very expensive so if you can make a 1 1/8 Oz payload perform like a 1 1/4 Oz lead payload then you will be able to market it at a price that will seem attractive to the customers.
1 1/2 oz in a 3 1/2 inch shell seem like a huge waste of space to me(especially since 1 5/8 oz will fit in a 2 3/4 inch shell). I would think that they could at least put 2 oz in there with room to spare.

Average turkey hunters might not pay the extra cost but hard core guys would
Well you can get 2 3/8 Oz Hevishot turkey loads at about $7 per round. Or for a mere $6 per round you can get 'sissy' 2 Oz heavishot Turkey loads. The 1 1/2 Oz heavishot loads go for about $5 each and for the economy minded there are 1 1/4 Oz heavishot Waterfowl loads for just $4 per round.

At those prices a guy would really have to think long and hard about how much of a payload is really needed. Also, I doubt many would enjoy the recoil from the 2 3/8 Oz 3 1/2" Turkey load.
OK, now I get it. I was trying to figure out what Turket Ammo was. :) Mark
Orengun, a "turkey load" is the illusionary shotgun shell packed full of the most lead imaginable within pressure allowances to instill in would be hunters the most mystical capabilities of killing power ever achieved within this galaxies perimeters.
And it can only be shot through special turket chokes. :) Mark
if you are a good caller,you dont need more than 1 1/4 oz of # 6 or 4 shot, in a 2 3/4 inch shell. i have never shot at a turkey over 20 yards. those 3 or 3 1/2 inch shells are over kill. joseph
And to think I was foolish enough to shoot those turkets with my old M17 Remington 20 gauge using #6 field loads. Ahh the good old days when I didn't know better but the turkets didn't either.
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