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Tubes in a 20 gauge?

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I'm aware of the issues/problems associated with installing .410 bore tubes in a 12 gauge gun with inertia triggers - even on some guns that claim to have mechanical triggers. One of my shooting buddies plans to order some .410 bore tubes for his 20 gauge Browning O/U because he says it isn't a problem going from 20 gauge to .410 bore.

Seems reasonable, but I'm checking because it might be a path I'd take as well.

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I would not guarantee that 20 ga Browning triggers will reset for .410. The issue, though, is easy to fix. Just change the inertia block spring to the .410 spring.
I shoot 410 all the time in my browning 425 12ga. Never had a problem. Joe
The older Brownings had mechanical triggers. I assume the newer ones do as well.

I shoot .410 chambermates in my Winchester 101 (mechanical trigger) with no issues. Mechanical triggers should reset on snap caps or maybe both triggers set on cocking. Do mechanical triggers rely on inertia block per the above post?
The Browning? Probably not- but it might work- so just be prepared for a trigger conversion if it doesnt

My guess is that even if it does work most of the time, there will be enough times that it wont work and that will be a big annoyance if you are shooting on a squad or asking for free targets because your gun didnt go off repeatedly

Regards from Iowa

Browning Citori have inertia triggers, at least until the 725 model.
If you have inertia triggers you can solve the problem by making the inertia block heavier. Get some lead tape ay your local golf pro shop and put a little piece on each side of the inertia block. HMB
Normal rule of thumb is to move down only one gauge to lessen blown patterns. As previously mentioned, trigger type is also a factor ----
I don't have a Browning, but I had 410 Briley tubes put in my K20 28 ga barrels and they work great. I do not think it will make a difference in patterns if they are full legnth, IMO Ronnie
I HAV A FEW BROWNING ALL DIFFERENT YRS 3 diffent types of 410 incerts use in 12 an 20ga guns found no problems all inerta guns ty bob ps those little shorts tubes even reset in my 12 ga with 410 skeet loads
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