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Trouble Finding Components ?

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After hearing and seeing first hand the ammo hoarding for everything from 22 rimfire up through the rifle calibers I can't help but wonder about reloading components for trapshooting.

I went to my local supplier for winchester 209 primers and he was "out of stock" and had them on order for months.He said everything was getting harder to get-nothing more. He did have Federal and CCI on the shelf yet. He was very busy so I took the CCI and left.

Another friend of mine just bought some shot and his supplier ( not same as mine ) told him that shot would be at 50 bucks a bag in another week.

I am asking if anyone out there really knows if 209 shotshell primers,powder and shot will also get scarce like all the other ammo and should a person stock up when he has a chance ?

Will this also effect new shells on the shelf ? Will price go up there also ?

If so after paying higher prices for shells and components who will still have enough money to shoot registered targets ? And after hearing the news predict $ 5.00 for a gallon of gas,my summer plans are falling apart with nothing to look forward to.

Anyone else have the same fears ?

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I'm in New Hampshire. I just bought the last 3000 shotshell primers that I know of in the region. There aren't any other primers to be had in the state that I'm aware of....with the possible exception of some large rifle and magnum primers.

We can get shot and wads no problem....and some powder seems to be generally available for shotgun, but I'm told it's starting to thin out for rifle/pistol powders.

Walmart is pretty wiped clear here for .22lr and most pistol calibers. There are some rifle calibers left.

I'm not sure about Dicks. They do have a lot of hunting shot shells and the more expensive AA/RTS shells on the shelf... or did as of a few weeks ago.

I think it's gonna get real bad.

Mark T.
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