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Trigger Work

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I have a few questions for those of you that have had work done on your triggers.
First of all, can trigger enhancement work be done on a Browning BT-100 trigger set? I am talking about pull triggers only for this discussion. Secondly, assuming it can be done, is it worth the investment in terms of improved scores? Thirdly, if the answers to the first two questions are yes, is it worth the investment in money? I realize the last question is a rhetorical one, but in your own opinion what would your answer be? I have read several articles about which manufacturers have the best trigger groups and how faster lock times improve breaks and how they relate to target leads etc. etc. Knowing absolutely nothing about the subject except for what I have read, I thought I would ask you guys. After all it is winter and this might be a good winter time subject for discussion. What do guys think?
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Depends largely on what your trigger is like now. I have had new Browning Citoris that had trigger pulls over 6 lbs. and it is very hard to stay on target with a hard trigger pull. That said, I would believe most trigger pulls can be improved by a good gunsmith and worth the investment, typically about $100-$150, and should improve your scores. Regards.
I insist on a good trigger pull. I don't shoot well without one. There must be no take up, no creep and only the slightest overtravel.

Be careful who you send it to for the work. Make sure they understand exactly what you are looking for. I had the triggers (mechanical) done on my Superposed. It was a waste of money, because they came back a little worse than they originally were.

I gave my Perazzi trigger to G. He did a superb job and I loved using that trigger. Unfortunately, it only lasted for 3000 before it became so light I started short shooting and flinching. I then gave it to W. I got back exactly what I asked for, but after 200 rounds the trigger had dropped by 1/2 pound.

I sent the trigger to Kerry Allor. I was having him do barrel work at the time. A friend who used to live in the midwest and knew Kerry told me that although he was known for his barrel work, he was also the best Perazzi trigger man on the planet. What I got back was stunningly good, just what I asked for, and more importantly, is still just as good. Kerry told me that if a trigger job didn't last at least 15,000 shots, it wasn't done correctly. Well, at lease on the bottom barrel, I'm past that and it is still the same as when he sent it back to me.

Kerry also works on many other brands of guns and triggers. So I'd give him a call and see what he has to say.
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Zzt, do you have a number for him?
While I have no negative words for Kerry, he's a great guy, I have Phil Crenwelge do all my trigger work. I shot 101 Pigeons for a couple decades and Phil could tune them to a point of unbelievable feel. This is probably the one thing that Iam mental about even with hunting and hand guns.
Kerry Allor

Barrel Works

2361 Equestrian Drive

Saint Clair, MI 48079

(810) 326-3943

[email protected]
i think trigger work is as important anything else reguarding shooting targets. Any number of problems with the trigger can and will cause a flinch if u shoot enough, have the work done and dont set it to light . 3 1/2 lbs is a good place to start. hope u find someone who will guarentee his work ,they are out there. Good luck Brad
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