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Trigger shoe for BT-99 Plus

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Where can I purchase a trigger shoe for my BT-99 Plus? Thanks in advance.
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How did you you like the change in “feel”?
It takes some getting used to. I have not used one on my BT-99, but I put a trigger shoe on my Model 870 TB and found that I was doing all kinds of weird things that I did not do when the shoe was not on the gun. I would be right on the bird, then go to pull the trigger and move the gun clear off to the side of the target. With practice, I got so I was shooting it well, but I didn't find that the trigger shoe helped my average in any way on the 870 (which has a worse trigger pull than the BT-99), so I took it off. I think if the trigger is bad enough that you're tempted to try a shoe, you would be better off having someone do some work on the trigger to smooth it out.

I have a smallbore silhouette rifle that I have had a trigger shoe on for years, so I think in some situations they provide a benefit. I just have not found that clay pigeon shooting is one of them.
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