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When my son turned 12 he needed a shotgun and the 20 ga he started with just was not the right fit or quality for the work ahead.
A friend called me who knew I was looking and so I drove up to the gun shop where he had seen one. It was as described. An early 1100 Remington with a 26" fixed skeet choke barrel. Rust spotting on the receiver and a small bend in the rib. Perfect for the first clays. (Somebody's Grandpas Skeet Gun, probably traded for a Glock or Compound Bow) I replaced a pile of internal parts over the next 9 years and bought three more as they came along for good measure.
That gun shot many rounds before I got it as the mag tube was well polished and the aluminum wine glass spring follower was deeply worn from the ends of the wishbone. My son put a whole bunch of shells down the three fixed barrels I ended up owning after finding a Full and Mod on eBay. Later came a Rem Choke Barrel that is no where near as nicely balanced as the early fixed chokes. My son grew out of it. But my first Daughter was ready to go. She has used it to a high degree of success as well.
The trigger group is about all that hasn't had some Part replaced or worked on.
Yesterday I took it out to clean the mag tube and reapply CLP to the piston and heard a "Tink" when I slipped the barrel out of the receiver.
On the floor was the block that is brazed to the mag tube to support the barrel.
Finally cracked after all these rounds.
To say Ol Rusty was a straight shooter that provided huge value for the cost over the life of the action would be an understatement. I can't begin to guess how many shooters have broken their first clay with it and the Davis Enterprises adjustable stock it wears. It cycled 7/8 reloads with out a hitch for all those years.
But the thing I will never forget is the 6 tiebreaker shots it made at the Walpole Sportsman's Association with my son driving it using the 26" factory Full Choke and Rem STS 7 1/2 1 1/8 oz loads and the original wood from the factory. That barrel is just plain deadly on clays.
Thanks Ol Rusty for all the fun.
Somehow backup Ol Trusty just isn't the same without the beauty marks............. or the high milage.
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