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results added - see next post​

Tri County Trap Club - Next Shoot Sunday, Aug 2nd


Annual August membership special:

"Get 14 months of membership for the price of 12"

If you join in August, you are eligible for all shoot prizes and awards for the last two shoots of this target year plus the 2016 target year that starts in October.

Perfect time to join

2015 Payouts Double starting at the January Shoot
The class and yardage cash payouts will increase from the old minimum of $280 to the new monthly minimum of $560 for 2015. The new average runs over $600 per month. In addition the club will guarantee a minimum of $50 in each of the jackpot pools this year to start them off each time they’re hit. Good Luck, Have Fun!


CASH and PRIZES: This month we have over $1,300.00 worth of cash and shoot prizes plus the Lewis and Jackpot! There are cash awards for members: HOA, Singles and Doubles in all 6 classes; AAA, AA, A, B, C, and D. In Handicap; 20, 21-22, 23-24, 25-26 and 27.

MONTHLY BUCKLES: August 2nd there will be a Tri County Trap Club/Redlands Shooting Park Buckle for: AAA Doubles, C Singles, and the Sr. Vet (70+) class.

BILL AND RUTHIE HUNTER AWARDS: August 2nd a Silver Dollar Money Clip to the winner in AA Doubles and a Silver Dollar Necklace to the lady with the highest score in Handicap. A big “Thank You” to Bill and Ruthie Hunter for your continued support of these rotating awards.

MONTHLY LEATHER: Tri County Club Logo double-pouches will be awarded to rotating doubles class winners. August 2nd is C Doubles.

LUCKY DOG: Each month a score from 90 to 100 is drawn from a hat. The shooter with the long run at that score wins $50.00, an unresolved tie splits.

MONTHLY GAS CARD: Each month a winner is drawn from the shoot tickets at the AM meeting and awarded a gas card worth $50.00.

LEWIS on Singles: Three classes $10.00 open to all – usually over $300 monthly, $350 in July.

HANDICAP JACKPOT: Option to members who have completed 6 HC events. Each yardage group has their own jackpot. $2 entry, a 50 gets the pot, 49 gets half if no 50. Ties divide.

ANNUAL AWARD BUCKLES: There are 30 first place buckles plus a Grand Champion Award based on the average of your best 9 scores in each event.

ANNUAL 12-POINT BUCKLE: Earn a championship point for winning, tying or shooting a score equal to or above the average winning score for last year in each event plus HOA. First year qualifiers receive the buckle. A 3mm diamond enhancement with engraving is added each subsequent year you qualify.

$500.00 HANDICAP CHALLENGE: Twelve (+) club members who are the Handicap Champion of each monthly shoot during the target year will qualify for the shoot off at year end. All scores of 50 get in. Monthly Handicap Champion R/U’s will be in a lottery for open positions (if any) at year end.

SIGNUPS are between 7:45 and 8:45. We will award prizes for our last month’s shoot at 9:00 and shooting will start shortly thereafter. The program is 100 Singles, 50 Handicap and 50 anytime Doubles.

ENTRY FEES: Singles: 100 targets, 6 classes – Member $36.00, all Jr’s $28.00, Guest $32.00. Handicap: 50 targets, 5 yardage groups- Member $19.00, all Jr’s $15.00, Guest $17.00. Doubles: 25 pair, 6 classes- Member $19.00, all Jr’s $15.00, Guest $17.00. Admin fee $5.00.

MIKE WIRZ AWARDS: We have Mike Wirz of Wirz Wholesale to thank for a prizes to be announced.

FIFTY-FIFTY: Tickets are $1.00 each, 6 for $5.00 and 12 for $10.00. Half goes to the winner and half goes to our club. Thanks to the generosity of our members there is always a couple hundred dollars in the jar.

MEMBERSHIP: Annual Membership $35.00/Apr-Sep $20.00. Family Membership $50.00/Apr-Sep $25.00. New members will pay a one-time $30.00 initiation fee in addition to the annual membership fee. Guests may shoot 2 times per year without paying the membership fees. August membership special: 14 months for the price of 12.


August 2, 2015
August 23, 2015*
*Note: This date is not the first Sunday of the month.

New target year (2016) will start in October.

DIRECTIONS: Redlands Shooting Park address is 2125 N. Orange St., Redlands, CA, 92374. (909) 335-8844. As you approach the city of Redlands from either direction on Interstate 10, exit at (Orange) the Downtown Redlands off ramp and go straight for one block to Orange St., then head north on Orange for about one mile. The shooting park is on the left.

EARLY BIRD DOUBLES: We are running up to four squads of doubles shooters starting at 8:00 AM and finishing before the morning meeting at 9:00AM. Speed Lane works best or you need to register early and be ready to go with your gear at 8:00AM.

To pre-squad: Call or email Margot- see web site for info:

SPEED LANE/Pre-Paid: Remember the club also has a fast, easy check in for Pre-Paid. Pick up your ticket and go. See Margot to get on it.

Have fun, John

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76 shooters attended this Sunday shoot - August 23rd is the last shoot of the 2015 shoot year.
The 2016 shoot year's first shoot is Sunday, October 4th 2015 and runs through September 30th 2016.
A lot of good scores were shot - congratulations to all the winners

Aug 2nd 2015 winners only-2.jpg

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I finally made it up to Redlands on Sunday and shot my first Tri County event! I didn't do as well as I wanted to do personally, but it wasn't bad for my first experience. Everyone was very friendly, everyone saying hello, introducing themselves. It was nice to shoot consistent birds. The wind got under a few of them, but they were still very consistent. I've set a goal to win that women's necklace. Just need to execute!
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