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It's shaping up. The six leather awards arrived today. Shamrock logo pouches for A,B & C class plus high Lady, high Junior and high Vet. The three logo diamond etched silver trays for first, second and 3rd place arrived last week.

We had 25 on the pre-squad when it opened on the 3rd. Margot is on vacation, if anyone is/has been trying to pre-squad with her it's not going to happen. Let Mike, Valerie or me know and we'll make sure you get on.

Sign up will start at 7:30 on Saturday. Practice is available from 8:00 to 9:00. The club will squad practice that day. Event starts promptly at 9:00AM. We will start 2 squads, one on each field, on an odd-even basis. Everyone will shoot 25 targets then switch fields for their 2nd 25. High 3 scores receive silver awards. Classes to be developed on the curve after all scores are in. Class and special category winners will receive leather awards.

Have Fun,

Bunker Leather awards.jpg
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