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Trap Shooting for Dummies

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What I would like is a book Trap Shooting for Dummies. While I started shooting as a teenager in 1978 and last week looking at my History in the shooters information in 43 years I had 5500 singles and 4600 Handicap no Doubles Registered.
My best year of Singles I shot 1300 registered singles and averaged 97.85 and my best year of Handicap I shot a 90.83 with 600 registered targets Not very good.
So no for 43 years I have not registered many targets. Why raising a Family and Work as some years I had worked 26 weekends in a year either both weekend days or one day. Hard to tell the family I’m going shooting with that much going on.
Questions I have are expiation‘s of Rules ?
When to or not to classify and why ?
Don‘t laugh but I won a Zone Shoot one time and did not know what it meant, found out later I was eligible at State Shoot for something I guess ?
While I have read the Rule book and listen to other shooters have told Me some things have changed and I’m sure some things I have been told may be incorrect.
I wish someone who knows the Rules and the ins and outs of payoffs could wright a book for Me and all the others who would like a book Trap Shooting for Dummies explaining everything.
Yes most of my shooting has been just for Fun at a local club for practice or league.
I also know it’s not just me as I have heard others asking about classifying and other things. etc.etc.etc.
So who here can explain and do a book Trap Shooting for Dummies ?
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I haven't got a clue what the actual "rules" are other than when it's my turn to shoot, say pull and shoot the target.

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Questions I have are expiation‘s of Rules ? Reread the rules and ask specific questions here.

When to or not to classify and why ? If it is an ATA registered shoot, you must be classified. At a small club shoot the person collecting the funds and/or the person doing the post assignments would be doing the classifying. Most just follow the averages listed in the rule book. If it is a large shoot with prizes and/or money to winners, there should be a classifier where you sign up.

Don‘t laugh but I won a Zone Shoot one time and did not know what it meant, found out later I was eligible at State Shoot for something I guess ? I would guess that you would have been presented with a trophy and/or pin.


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A rulebook for dummies already exists.

Furthermore, at any ATA shoot you are classified, however, ATA members have a responsibility to keep a running average and not blindly accept whatever the ATA shows as results are typically not up to date.
As an example...
I shot a few ATA events and did pretty good, bumping my singles average well into A class. A couple of those results weren't (and still aren't) updated in their system. Had I not presented my current average card, I'd have been incorrectly classified. Same applies to doubles.
The problem with this is that had I not clarified my proper classifications, there were at least two events that I'd have taken 1st away from a deserving shooter.
Additionally, I (not 100% certain) believe that if you knowingly shoot the wrong class, those targets shot are disqualified...or should be imo... along with any fraudulent winnings/trophies.
Does this mean that all shooters are honest? Absolutely not. But if they're content holding a trophy that they know belongs to an honest shooter...sobeit, we can't change that.

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But when and why should one be a Sub Veteran or Veteran or does it matter and why ?
I was wondering because a friend is a Veteran and what advantages does it have or not have.
Sub junior, junior, junior gold, sub vet, vet, senior vet, & lady are categories. At most ATA shoots there are specific trophies awarded for category shooters. Smaller ATA shoots may not award for all of them, for example, they may just award for junior lumping all of the junior categories into one, but usually all state shoots award for all categories. To be eligible for a category trophy, you have to "declare" that category when you classify. If you don't declare, you will be lumped in with everyone else that is not eligible for a category. So if you're a vet, you may only be shooting against a few other people for a trophy whereas if you don't declare, you are shooting against the entire field.
And just to be clear, the veteran category has nothing to do with ones service to his country, it is all age related. ;)

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Now if Declaring a category does it take you out of the running for event champion. Like a States Shoot for Singles ? Because you declared a category. One never knows when you might have a hot day and shoot lights out and have a great score.
Just FYI I turned 60 this year and I know my shooting is not as good as it use to be and my shooting eye right eye is getting weaker and I’m right handed.
Im like a lot of trap shooters who just want to have fun and shoot, but now I’m done worrying about the best choke to use or shot size or my latest reload if it’s good, just want to learn more about this game of Trap.

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No, it does not take you out of the running for champion however, at a large shoot such as a state shoot where they award trophies say down 5 or 6 places, you declare category and shoot a score that would otherwise put you in 3rd or 4th place, you would win your category provided no other shooter in that category shot better than you. For example, the PA Colonial Classic shoot this year, 1st handicap event, the champion shot a 98 and the awarded runner up shot a 95 whereas the veteran winner shot a 96. Since he declared category and didn't win champion, he got moved to his category.

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The Bank System: Another Thing Never Explained
It is really pretty simple, but of course no one ever explained it to you. You're supposed to know this by osmosis.

This is (3) three examples. From a large facility using 12 banks to a smaller shoot using 5 banks.

While you are at the Squad window, ASK how many banks they are using for the event(s) you’re shooting. Just because you see lots of trap houses, doesn’t mean they’re all event traps. ( practice traps, out of service, etc) It may or may not be published somewhere, but things happen and stuff changes.
The follow up question is: how many traps constitute a bank? Common answers are 2,4. It depends on how large a facility we looking at! This will help you with timing, so you’re at the right place at the right time. If a squad shoots 1 box at a trap and moves on things move pretty fast for the next flights coming up.

Let’s try a few. You’re all set sir Squad 38, post 2.
Today we’re shooting over 12 - four trap banks. What Bank are you on? Bank 2.
Today we’re shooting over 7 - two trap banks. What Bank are you on? Bank 3.
Today we’re shooting over 5 - two trap banks. What Bank are you on? Bank 3.

As you can see, the Flight numbers changed quite a bit. You’ll be out a lot earlier on the 12 bank system than the 5 bank.

If your computer savvy, generate your own spreadsheet in a couple minutes, or draw a grid on a paper napkin if not so much. Feel free to print and plagiarize my picture, whatever.

Another trapshooting mystery solved.

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