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Top single fixed rib combo. 32" single barrel and 30" over and under

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I am looking for a top single combo for my son. I would love something that has adjustable length of pull that I can get down to 13.5". That isn't a deal breaker. I plan on having him fitted with a stock fitter at the Buckeye Open or the Grand. I am not super picky on brand. Please message me anything you are looking to get rid of that fits what I am looking for. I do not want 32" over and under or 34" single barrel.

Please PM me what you have
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K-32 Vandalia rib combo., 30" O/U IM/F, 32" top single F. Bought new in 1971, <500 shells fired, remained in safe until recently when sent for custom wood. New stock has head fitted, ready for completion to any reasonable dimensions. A high condition K-32 combo, with English Walnut stock ready for final fitting. Please PM
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