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Tom Ford ?

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Tom - I just heard a rumor that you have resigned from your State Assoc. post.

If true, thanks for your years of service to your state and the ATA. Will always remember you at the last Grand in Vandalia!!........Herb
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I meet Tom many moons ago he flew into Murray KY and I guess you have heard the saying Have gun will travel well he had the gun along with some of them purfumed paper federals.

He would call another member to see if the club was open to shoot at and if the other member was tied up then the member called me I don't know if he was a delegate back then or not I doubt it if he was he never said.

All I have to say is Tom is at the top on my list that I would bend over backwards for.

I went to the grand maybe a year later and he told me how to find him in the camp grounds and he stood out like a sore thumb with his markings.

I think he must have been a half ******* but I liked it.

Im sure someone will find faults with anyone but from my personal experiences with MR Ford they have always been Great.

Tom if you was to read this then email me I was wondering if you still fly into my area now days.

I had been away for awhile but moved back about 4 years ago.

with ole white lighting as you remember me by
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