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This sale maybe ending today 4-6-20. Federal Heavyweight shot is legal for waterfowl hunting.

If you buy 20 boxes of the 12 ga 3-1/2" Federal Heavyweight 1-7/8 oz loads they are only $11.99 per box. If you want them for hunting turky hunting great! But by removing the shot for reloading in lighter 12 ga or 20 ga or 28 ga and 410 loads you can't beat this deal on the shot that is in these turkey loads.

It is very easy to remove the shot by opening the crimps with a small phillips head screw driver.

HW13 shot cost about $1.53 per ounce.
The FHW 15g/cc #7 shot costs right at $1.26 per ounce at Rogers right now. It is a great price for much better shot.
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