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To Peter Hamann have you been hi-jacked

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I believe your email may have been hi-jacked. I just got a message supposedly from you that you are stuck in the Manilia and you got robbed last night and need $1850 to get home.

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I just got it also...

I sent Pete a penny, and told him we'll see him soon...LOL

I have had this same thing happen to me...I just changed my password, and all better...

Dave in SC
If someone in the Rochester area knows Peter they should give him a call, he may have a way to answer online. I am still digging in paper work to find his number.

The bad grammar and the Western Union thing is a sure sign he has a problem.

I got an email much like that one a couple days ago.....scam...
I just talked to Pete, and he tells me that he went to the Philippines because he is tired of getting beat on the trap field by a skeet shooter!! LMAO Dana
The email I received was from
Pete's real email address is a Yahoo address.
this Email was from a Gmail address.

I got one from a fellow Club member stating that he was stuck in England and needed $1800 to buy a ticket home.

Someone must have sent him the money ... and he made good flight connections ... because we shot together the next morning in So. California!
look out skinnykid he'll kick out your knee. Also heard that kolar is good for a crutch. joe
I'm stuck in a rut, please send cash.

Joe, Did that Kolar screw up your shoulder ? Kinda heavy for a weak shoulder!! Dana
skinnykid at least your crutch can get you to the line! I tried to put that boat anchor to my shoulder and thought I was lifting a cow. Oh heard you were downtown, see you tonight old buddy!!! joe
Yeah, I got one too. Pete is such a great guy I sent him an extra $200-Western Union!!
Someone emailed me saying they had the 'dawg and they wanted money to let him go. I emailed them back and told them they'd have to send me money to come get him!
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