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Thought this was pretty cool. Could change televising clay shooting.

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Some of it is a bit dry but overall I thought pretty interesting. It was funny watching the drone goober shoot a shotgun too.

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The only events that could be audience friendly that I have seen are sporting clays events.

Flurry shooting

Two shooters, 30 birds and 90 seconds at least 6 machines and not that they can shoot them all two boxes of shells per shooter are allowed. A well oiled team is boring but when watching pick up teams wrap your guts up tight as you will go beyond laughing until you hurt!

A close second is a "QUAIL WALK,"

Two shooters on trap posts 2 and 4 starting on at least the 27 yard line and walking towards the trap. When the puller is ready they start walking the puller pulls at random. But no birds can only be thrown when the shooters stop to reload. Also you the shooters have to break their half of the pair before they back up their partner. Most shooters forget to stop when reloading though. Oh and the safety has to be used. Between not stopping to reload and forgetting the safety is in play. It creates a comical seen for spectators to enjoy. Also just because the puller was slow doesn't mean you stop at the 16 yardline, if there are still pairs to throw you can end up right beside the trap house.

These two events really do have to be seen. The only clay bird events that are not like watching the grass grow. Although pick up teams are more humorous than practiced teams.

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