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This picture might go viral

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Good picture

I know women are easier to teach than men- and girls much easier to teach than boys

Regards from Iowa

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More Women Come Aboard with The Second Amendment.
CE where you been long lost brother? I'm Frank James
Here's one more
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I want my daughter to be able to take comfort in the fact that when her life is on the line, if she dials 911... law enforcement will arrive about the time she's reloading.
I saw a sign in someones yard about a year ago, that said-' We don't call 911'. I thought that was pretty cool, and straight forward.
The word is out. The Police cannot protect you from the rising tide of trash. And people are simply not going to trust the Bloombergs of the world to assure their safety. They want something more individual, proactive, and hands-on, than waiting for politicians and laws to save them.

The Assault Weapon issue has been a god-send. In the 1980s, RFK, John Lennon, and Hinckley were fresh in people's minds, and all the political talk was about banning in National Coalition to Ban Handguns, Morton Grove, etc. The Assault Weapon washed all that away into the sidelines, and CCW and defensive ownership of handguns spread like a wave across the country, culminating in a pro-2A Supreme Court decision founded in INDIVIDUAL SELF DEFENSE, not collective membership in a militia (aided by GW Bush court appointments prompted by conservative backlash, of course). The possibility of banning handguns is now farther away than ever, and it will be hard for liberals to ever re-create that image of "collective safety" that will make people want to give up handguns.

Yes, indeed, Assault Weapons are a god-send. The liberals took their eyes off the real ball for about 10 years, and now they are paying dearly for it. We'll keep battling them on AWs ad infinitum, safe in the knowledge that as long as they're spending all their resources on that, the wave of "Handgun Nation" will continue to spread from coast to (nearly) coast.

Sheeet...they'll be lucky to even get the Mag Ban at this rate.
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I taught my first wife to shoot, when we got divorced I thought well that might come back and bite you ... I tought my second wife how to drive, after we got divorced that almost did come back and bite me ... I tought my 3rd wife how to cook, I figured what harm could that do ..? I haven't been feeling well for days now and she keeps wanting me to eat ... She already knew how to shoot and drive ... WPT ... (YAC) ...

A bad guys worst enemy is a good guy (or girl) with a gun ...
Uh, Gene, I hate to break it to you, but she's holding an "assault pistol" by the current political definition.
Buzzgun, exactly. In fact, there were some prominent anti-gunners like Pete Shields (founder of HCI Handgun control Inc.) who decried the attempted bans on semi-automatic rifles as distracting the anti-gun movement from their goal of the total eradication of handguns from society. It was the anti-assault rifle movement that took the heat off of handguns and allowed pro-gunners to turn the map literally around on which states allowed concealed carry, especially "shall issue" concealed carry.
How about this one?


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As a 4H instructor and a Hunter Ed instructor, Women/girls are "easier" to teach and coach!!!

AND most are better shots then Men/boys!!!! when its all said and done!
When we got our CHL years ago, my wife out shot me. First renewal, she out shot me. Second renewal, I finally beat her. The sheriff teaching our class said that women are easier to train, because they don't come to class with a bunch of hangups and pre-conceived ideas. Charlie
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Chesty's hypocrisy never fails to amaze.

What is GW22 blathering about- the guy that made 10 million over the last 8 years farming?

Talk about hypocrit

Regards from Iowa

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