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Thinking of shooting in Canada?

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If your thinking of traveling north of the border to attend a few shoots....

Yes, they do have PAT traps and voice release in Canada : )

Passport required (driving or flying) or enhanced state drivers license ( driving only) required to re-enter the USA.

* Many of the border states offer enhanced drivers licenses. Cheaper then a passport....

A stop by USA customs to list your firearm on a Form 4457 is required. Can be done at any time, to include the day of your trip. If you happen to live near an airport that does international flights they can complete your form at any time. The form is good forever, unless it's no longer readable. The form allows you to re-turn with the firearm to the USA without hassle. They do need to see the firearm(s) when completing the form, just don't bring it in the building unless directed to do so.

Canada allows long guns and ammo to be brought in for 60 days on permit, cost $25 (Canadian) for the permit (credit card accepted). Paperwork completed on the day of the crossing at the border. If you already have the form filled out (except signatures) it will speed you along. You can't put your spouses guns on the form : (

In theory you can bring in a handgun, but it must be pre-approved by Canadian authorities well before you travel (good luck on that one). You can never just arrive at the border with a handgun without pre-approval. Leave them at home.....

Links to forms and the process:
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Does US Custom's charge Canadian's $25.00 to bring their
long gun's into the US?
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