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Things that don

We were at work today talking about Phil from Duck Dynasty and the liberals being upset about what he said. Somebody said everything upsets and offends liberals. I disagree, there are plenty of things that don’t offend, bother or upset liberals. I made a short list in just a few seconds.

Trillion dollar annual budget deficits!

Credible evidence that Bill Clinton is a rapist

Lie - you like your plan you can keep your plan

Lie - you like your Doctor you can keep your doctor

Ted Kennedy getting drunk and driving off a bridge and leaving a young woman to perish in the back seat. Then he goes home and takes a nap for 12 hours.

Partial birth abortion

50 million people on food stamps

Voter fraud


North Korea bragging about their missile being able to reach Los Angeles

Iran getting a nuke

The peaceful religion of Islam

Muslims stoning gays, adulators

People who beat White Hispanics

Obama ignoring the constitution

Congress passing 3000 pages bills that they didn’t read.

Nancy Pelosi

I could add hundreds of others, so they are plenty of things liberals don't get upset, offended, or bother by.
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