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The Trap App - Now available on Android

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I know many people have been anxiously waiting for The Trap App, so I wanted to let everyone know it is now available for Android!! Record your scores (registered, league and practice), calculate averages, compare your results to others at each shoot, and much more.

We're already working on some additions for version 2.0 of the app, but always welcome your feedback. The Apple/iOS version is coming very soon.


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I hope it makes it sooner than this app did from first reported.
$4.99 is cheap enough but once you download it will it need to keep using your data time?
I know this is a Trap Forum, but any chance of a Skeet App?
Sorry Chris, we're focused right now on the trapshooting version. Possibly down the road though.

@Likes-to-shoot: There aren't any photos, videos, or streaming audio involved, so the use of your data will be very, very minimal. Feel free to PM me if you have additional questions.

Pardon me but what is android?

Ed Yanchok
here ya go Ed, its an operating system for touch phones, pads and the like.
Android- Its an opperating system on smart phones.
Just downloaded the app, a little clunky on having to add the dates so much, other then that I think it will be ok to use. I will find out better next summer!!!
Thanks Yoteslayer. That is a known imperfection and we'll be working to fix it in the next update. Not a critical flaw, but fixing it would make the app a little smoother. I appreciate your feedback and thanks for buying the app!

If you would have ask I'm sure someone on here would have shown you how to start your own thread.

How come everytime talk about The Trap App comes up, you always have to jump in with your own info? We get it, you think the Shotgun Web app is better.

Maybe you should take likes-to-shoot's advice and run your own thread istead of always jumping on these threads.
Can you run any of these apps on your PC. I don't have (or want) a smart phone.
Mark T.
Shotgunshoot, this is poor forum sir. I suggest you delete you current post and start your own thread. Very rude!
I will have it on my ipad as soon as it comes out.
Got it, thanks. Will respond soon.

Dean I have a question. 4.99 is not bad but will you keep getting charged everytime a new update comes out?

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