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The story,

Bill & Hillary tried to pull off a move to take control of the US.
They have co-opted the Whitehouse, DOJ, FBI, Judiciary, CIA.

A large group of government intelligence people who knew the corrupt
history of the Clintons joined to together and worked to counter them.

They put together the effort to obtain all the hacked emails,
turned them over to Julian Assange in such a way as to have
it appear they were coming from him.

They have done this in a way, that the Clintons and Obama
cannot counter them. They have laid out the removal of
Clinton and Obama in a way that they will be unable to
do pardons and escape punishment. The Clintons, Obama,
Loretta Lynch will all be indicted.

Well, that is the story.

Here it is, skip over to the point 1:35.

Well, Midi, what do you think?

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My reaction at first to this was that it can't be, but
something was nagging there about the whole thing, and
then I thought of that quote of Tom Clancy, "The difference
between writing truth, and writing fiction is, Fiction
has to be believable"

According to Clancy, then this could be true, just
because it is unbelievable, but think about it.
Just why has 650,000 emails turned up on Huma's
computer? Someone put them there. Julian Assange
only released about 300,000 didn't he. That alone
would he a massive hacking, and it was from a number
of individuals. This would have been more easily
explained if a group was working on it, and what better
group could work on it than the intelligence community?

Also the timing is just so damn perfect. The final nail
in the coffin, just a week before election, yet the
nail does not get driven in until after election. All
the timing of it, perfect in order to cause a Hillary
defeat, and yet, the democrats can't fight back, they
cannot even have Hillary step down, because over
20% of vote has been cast, so they cannot even replace
her at this point, and have a successor get a majority
because they have fired over 20% of their ammunition

Because of the size of the emails hacked, and because
it was done before Hillary even scrubbed her server, this
has been worked on a long time. and appears to have
required a lot of people.

Then too, look at what Comey has done. Why not recommend
indicting, when it all first broke? Well, if they
indicted right away, there would be time to replace
Hillary, and try her, and Obama could then pardon her.
Now, though further things came just about two weeks
ago, that Obama knew about her server all along, was
even communicating with her on the unofficial server,
and now Obama is between a rock and hard place, because
he can be indicted for the same crime, of using a
private server with Hillary to avoid the freedom of
information act, and also he used a pseudo name,
clearly intent to avoid the freedom of information act.

Then when Obama, and Hillary are breathing sighs of
relief, "Hey we got by with it", just a couple
days ago, Comey hits them with new investigation and
more damning wiki leaks come out showing all sorts
of government officials messing with the investigation,
Loretta Lynch refusing to let the FBI move the Wiener
investigation to a branch that did not have Clinton loyalists
running it.

All the things Comey has done, made no sense, he had
a tight case against her, got the news out to the world
that she lied, then let them off the hook up until
about a week before election, then wham, now they
don't have time to counter, no time to try the case
before election, no time to convict before Trump takes
office. Trump has stated he will prosecute her when
elected. All these pieces are neatly in place to
take the Clintons, Obama, and Lynch out. and they
don't have the time to stop it. You could not have
timed this better to get the word out to the public,
and yet give the impression to Hillary and Obama that
they did not have to fix anything, so they just
continue on with the campaigning as if they are going
to make it, get Hillary elected so she can save everyone
with her new DOJ.

On the other hand, if all this was done to obtain
the timing of getting Hillary defeated in election,
and doing it late enough that the criminals could
not regroup. then all these actions now make sense.
Now it makes sense also why Comey did not recommend
indicting back then, he was just giving them enough rope
to hang themselves.

How on earth could Obama stop all this at this point?
It would take some really crazy happening, maybe a
war breaking out, national emergency sort of thing.
Have there been any indications of something like
that? Well yes there has, Russia has recalled all
their diplomats from around the world and are on
alert, Why just now, no one really sees anything
that bad on the surface, do they? There has to be
something below the surface there.

Obama can't stop it at this point, but he is trying his
butt off. The president is in North Carolina campaigning
for Hillary and clearly lying again in his speeches. He
said, if Trump is elected, then on day one he would
eliminate Medicaid. This is clearly impossible, clearly a
lie, why is he so intent on getting Hillary elected? Sure
in the past, presidents have endorsed successors, but
I cannot remember any campaigning this hard even lying
while doing so. this appears to me to be desperation.
Could Obama be intent on getting Hillary in so her DOJ
can sweep everything under the rug? Could be.

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He is just as guilty as she is.
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