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The best 1911

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Hi all. I'm looking to buy a 1911 45. What would you recommend?
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Depends on your price range and you will get all types of answers but my favorite is STI.
Here ya go

Hi mc. My price range is not to exceed $2000.00
Several different quality 1911's within your price range. Generally speaking the more bells and whistles the more it costs. You can get a quality basic 1911 for under a thousand. More features equals more money.
I saw a Remington 1911 R-1 enhanced, boy was that sweet feeling and had an excellant trigger with a match grade barrel and the end of the barrel stuck out 1/2" and was threaded for a suppressor or a weight for recoil. Really liked it. Scott
Some of my collection includes
Sig Sauer 1911 RCS Two Tone, Sig Sauer 1911 Nightmare, Smith and Wesson E-Series 1911SC Two Tone Scandium Frame Round Butt, Springfield Armory 1911 TRP, and Kimber Grand Raptor II (all pictured below).

These are all fine firearms.

I will say that the Sig Nightmare had some issues at the beginning, but Sig Sauer REPLACED THE GUN WITH A NEW ONE!!!! Kudos to Sig!

I'll also give a nod to Wilson Combat and Les Baer. They are known as top-notch 1911's - hands down. I recently placed an order for a (non-1911) firearm with Les Baer, and while calling for additional information prior to finalizing my purchase, ended up (unwittingly) talking with Les himself!! He has a reputation as a top quality manufacturer of very accurate, very reliable firearms, and seems to be a regular, quality guy as well!

Have a fondle of a bunch of 1911's, and see what you like. We all have our personal preferences. In 1911's I have a particular weakness for pretty guns, guns with fine triggers, and guns with grippy grips. All of the above 1911's fill the bill! By the way, my personal 1911 fetish EXCLUDES any 1911 with a rail. Your mileage may vary...

One caution: 1911's can be tempermental firearms. If you want CERTAIN Glock reliability right out of the box, buy a Glock!!!!! (bracing for the flaming I'll undoubtedly suffer). Anyone who tells you that 1911's are as reliable as any other firearm are either lying, or in denial.

Don't waste time looking at anything under the $800 price point. You'll wish you had paid up for a higher quality 1911. And if you have $2500-$4000 to spend, go big. Buy a Baer or a Wilson.

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Firearm Gun Trigger Gun accessory Gun barrel

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

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I have an unfired, NIB Colt Gold Cup Trophy National Match .45 Series 70 with box and all paperwork for $1900 plus shipping if interested.

I've been shooting a Strayer-Voight Inifinity for about 15 years, and never once had an issue. It was $2300 years ago, so even then, quality was expensive. I don't know if they are still being made. Butch from Pgh
Dear Muzzleblast:

I'd never heard of a Strayer-Voight Inifinity until I saw your post. And now that I've seen pictures of them, I WANT ONE!!!! Didn't I mention that I had a weakness for pretty guns????!!! You're a cruel, cruel man...
40 years of bullseye tells me Clark Custom Guns - best gun for the money - end of story.
If you want to spend less than half the money you have to spend and still have a good reliable, accurate gun; check out the Springfield Range Officer.

S & W PD 45 with built in laser grips. Accurate, reliable, well built. Already has most after market custom mods that you need. It is a personal defense gun! Not a comp gun, for that you need a something geared that way.
Baer is the best.

Stayer-Voight has been around a long time. They are the reason Dennis Devault had to stop selling the Infinity shotgun.
For the money, the Sig 1911 is hard to beat. What are you going to do with the gun?

Carry, Range, Target?

If you are going to carry, that needs to be the first priority in choice of model. The Govt' model is the most reliable, but is a plus sized gun to lug around. You MUST know your carry 1911, and must practice stoppage reduction drills with snap caps.

If Target or Range, get the Target model with adjustable sights.

I would not carry any handgun with adjustable sights. Best case, I rip my hands to shreds running the gun. Worst case, I drop gun and break sights.

I would not buy a Range gun with fixed sights. Since I reload, my ammo will likely have a different point-of-impact from factory fodder. YMMV
Sig 1911 will be my choice for the money.
Baer for that price range and the thunder ranch is a great model

Now for the bottom end highly shootable gun- one of the Rock Island GIs for 450 and it will come with a very good trigger right from the factory

Colt has a lot of models now but you really cant go wrong with any of them- and they are priced between the rock island and the Baer

Ruger has a good one- but mine isnt as good as the reviews- but having said that- they come in with all the goodies at a price between the RIAs and the Colts

Regards from Iowa

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