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The ASA, Interstate Association, & John Philip Sousa and the American Amateur Trapshooter’s Association

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C. W. Dimmick of United States Cartridge Co. and other manufacturers' reps (including Winchester and UMC) founded the American Shooting Association in 1889. S. A. "Tuck" Tucker, Parker's sales agent, Capt. A. W. duBray (then a sergeant in the U. S. army) and L.C. Smith were board members, as was Charles Tatham, owner of the largest lead shot processing plant in the country. "Tuck" Tucker wrote the handicap rules.

The ASA dissolved in 1892 and, in turn, the Interstate Manufacturers and Dealers Assn.--"Interstate Assn."--took over organized trap shooting. The Interstate Assn. quickly organized the first Grand American Handicap at live birds scheduled for spring 1893. Twenty-one shooters paid $25 to compete. The GAH at live birds went until 1902 at Kansas City with about 450 contestants. The GAH at targets was started by the Interstate Assn. in 1900 with 74 entries (the 1900 GAH at live birds drew 224 entries).
In 1895, the name was shortened to The Interstate Association.

The short lived American Trap Shooters League was organized in 1895
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Until 1919, the Interstate Assn. basically owned and managed trap shooting as a sport in order to showcase its products and to promote the interests of its owners: The Manufacturers and Dealers. In 1919 the Interstate Assn. board met in New York, and reorganized as the American Trapshooting Assn. and the headquarters was moved from Pittsburgh to New York.

In 1923 the American Trapshooting Assn. became the Amateur Trapshooting Association, “The ATA."

John Philip Sousa started the American Amateur Trapshooter’s Association in 1916. It was dissolved in 1919 when the American Trapshooting Association was organized.

February 1916 Du Pont Magazine

DuPont Magazine, v. 6, no. 2

December 23, 1916 Sporting Life

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American Shooting Association's 1st Tournament, Forest & Stream May 18, 1889



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