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TGT clones

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Prefer OEMs but with the $$$$$ difference considering CB clones, are their shot cups the same or shorter or deeper, also are they buttressed like OEMs???? I like the deep cup. Have tried the pink WW OEMs & CB clones but the shot cup is short like the grey WW 7\8. Thanks in advance. Ross Puls
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CB have a shorter shot cup and are a touch taller,, DR are the same
Is there actually a reason you prefer the Rem TGT shot cup depth or are you assuming that they have to be that deep for some reason?

Unknown1: I 0nly shoot 7\8, once in a while 1oz and just like all the shot in the cup, and the TGT does that for me. They "seem" to pattern a little evener, not so many flyers outside the useful area, maybe (probably) just my imagination. Ross Puls

Consider that the TGT-12 wad is often used in Remington's 1 1/8 oz. "Nitro 27" handicap shells (depending on the powder). Obviously, using a 1 oz wad with 1 1/8 oz of shot leaves a fair amount of shot outside the cup. If that was a problem, long yardage handicap shooters wouldn't use those shells when an accurate shot pattern is so important.

Downrange makes a nice TGT-12 replacement wad.
If these are true clones, although 1 oz. wads by name, these are actually 1 1/8 oz. cup size if exactly like the Remington brand. The original Rem. TGT-12, referred to as a figure 8 wad, was 1 1/8 oz. and may be also used for 1 oz., which was printed on the orginal carton. This was when Rem. Premier green hull (prior to the STS) was intoduced post dating the Blue Magic case. The story the Remington guy told me is that everyone liked the wad and was using these longer (full figure 8 design) wads in a Win. AA case. Since the Premier hull was deeper than the AA hull, sometimes the AA wad would pop open when using 1 1/8 oz. and slow burning powder. The next wad introduced was a semi-figure 8 design which was shorter (3/4 circle design) but was named by Remington the Fig. 8 wad. The longer TGT-12 was catalogued as a 1 oz. wad. Keep in mind the shot sized was 1 1/8 oz. This is my 2 cents. BT100dc
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BT-100dc: That was my understanding also. The Fig.8 3\4 circle design and TGT work better in the original AA & new style AA too, depending on the density of your powder choice, especially the new AAs with that lip that tends to catch "snag" the over powder cup.

I was doing some comparing of different wads shot cups and happened to have a partial bag of Versalites from many years ago, & found that the Versalites will hold a full 1&1\8, So in the event I ever load any 1&1\8 I will use them. Ross Puls

The gray,green and pink shot cup from CB are all the same length. My experience is that the green and pink wad will have a dished crimp if you are using them in a Remington hull for 7/8oz. It is best to use the gray as they are about 7/64th longer.
I have been using factory TGT12 wads since they came out,pricey but the best usually is.The TGT-S even better. I could not get the rems several years ago and tried the Claybuster clone. I was never so glad to get rid of them.Every other one had folded petals.Never again. Jeff
Ross, My experience - Downrange DRRT12 wads don't work in Winchester AA hulls but they work perfectly in Remington hulls. For one ounce loads in the AA hulls I have gone to the Claybuster 8100 wads with excellent results. JPM
DR TGT replacement hybrid, I like that wad for 1 oz loads with tightwad or Clays and 1 1/8 oz loads with tight group. Scott
Downrange designed the DRA-12 1 oz. red wad specifically for the new AA HS hulls and flake powders like Clays. They fit the reduced volume of the HS hull better.

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