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Monday morning I made a call to Target Shotguns Inc. and was greeted by a wonderful, helpful lady. I was calling about their spring conversion for Pat Trap.... She provided new information, saw that our club was already on file and indicated she would make thing happen ASAP. About 2 hours ago the package arrived. Cannot hardly get any further from everywhere else that our location here and yet super quick service from a company and employee that care about and take care of shooters...... First rate........... Larry
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Yes, Naomi was the individual. Very helpful, great phone personality, knowledgeable and quick to respond.
I wonder if there are not more companies that respond to customers in a great fashion? Seems that most of the time if things go well nothing is said but if there is an issue this forum is the place folks go... perhaps all should attempt to post more about "good guys". Larry

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Same here Great service very helpful, Steve R( gave me his cell # said call or text anytime) went out of his way answering all of my questions and concerns when I purchased there, That kinda customer service makes you feel comfortable to return. AAA+++ as far as my shopping experience , Bought my CG Summit Trap combo. Thanks Steve R and Target Shotguns Inc.
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