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Taking a break from reloading on my Ponswess Warren and was wondering how supply chain was going

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I didn't see a price increase. Spolar is going well I heard.
Any new news?
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Your hiatus from reloading has done nothing to improve the supply of components for the rest of us.
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I only stopped reloading to eat dinner.
I am not going to give up re loading
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Steve,last April , 2022 I ordered a new P-W to replace my 30 yr old machine. I was told one year wait. Talked to them yesterday and was told they are still working on orders from Dec of 2021, so my order might be ready in another 4 or 5 months. So the year wait has turned into year and a quarter to perhaps year and a half.

By then, when they call, I might be ready to hang it up with component prices esp powder still going up-we'll see.
If I don't take it, it will go to the next name on their wait list.

Keep making repairs to the old one and it keeps making good shells.
Been a lot of Alliant powder in the market place last two weeks. Local guy received quite a bit even. Probably the most that I’ve been aware of being available in three years. Might be their only big release for the year though.

Primers still seem the same for shotgun, Cheddite and Nobel. I was able to buy all the CCI pistol primers I wanted at an exorbitant price but atleast I had the option for a change. Could have bought large rifle too but I have plenty.
I am using my 800+ right now. I put my Patriot back in the box.
Both great reloaders. I stopped using the auto drive. I like the feeling of pulling the handle.
I got mine before everything went off the edge.
Wayne and family have proven they are trying to get these machines out.
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