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Tagged out in Oklahoma

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I tagged out this afternoon in western Oklahoma with this 24” wide 8 1/2 plus year old monarch. I passed him yesterday morning thinking he was maybe too young. His body was lean from the rut. My guide’s told me they been trying for years to harvest him and that he was actually past his prime. The good lord gave me a second chance. DRT 101 yards with my Christensen Arms Ridgeline 300 PRC.
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So for so good on the 300 prc. Only have 29 shots down the pipe. I used the factory 225 ELDm on this trip.I shots e shot 1/2” group at 100 off of an iffy bench and 7/8” group at 250 yards off a bipod laying prone. I went back and bought the other 6 boxes. Exit hole was 1 1/2”. The old man dropped instantly and never moved a bit. Charts showed 3700 ft lbs of energy at 100 yards. I wanted to build a rifle but the Ridgeline was so close to what I wanted to build so I saved a years wait and bought it.
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