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Sure Cycle

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Anyone ever use surecycle products,thinking of up grading my superBlack Eagle with the stainless tube and spring. beni
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I don't know what brands some buddys use but the crome tubes look great. They have had no problems with them. The paint on the tubes of my ElectroGlide is in bad shape and I need to do something to them.
Had a browning gold that would not kick out 3" shells.put a sure cycle in and never had any more problems w/ 3" or 3.5's.never shot 2 3/4 shells in it so don't know about that.IMHO well worth the money.
I have it in a Tekneys works great I got it used and the springs on the barrel were replaced with a metal spacer which I like also easy to clean. Never had a ejection problem with this set up.
I install them on all my competition 303's and 390's. Really had great luck with them.
I have two SX-1s with them,on a gas operated gun you will have to make the gas ports bigger.Mine will cycle 7/8 ounce fiocchi shells and 1 1/8 trap shells no problem,one thing the action will close at a high rate of speed and make sure the shell is in the chamber.
...or you can replace the factory spring with a "stiffer" Wolf spring that you can get from Sure Cycles are fantastic, and I have them in all 4 of my 12 gauge Benellis. They have certainly gone up in price the past 5 years, though.
I considered Sure Cycle an ingenious solution to a non-existent problem for my Beretta 303/390s.

I replaced the action springs regularly, used appropriate exhaust springs, opened ports if needed and kept the piston/gas chamber clean with Troy Peak's kit. I figured the engineers at Beretta might be competent to figure out the correct system and all I had to do was minor tuning to my loads and scrupulous cleaning.
I do happen to have a BNL 01 NEW Sure-Cycle kit in the plastic, the same model listed at Brownells and others at $155 or so, plus shipping.

(I will ship this for $135.00 total)

This is the 19mm thread version (shoulder is about 13/16", but actual thread about .740", shoulder .825") that fits

Super Black Eagle


M1 Super 90

that have the corresponding thread size.

Email is best for me, please, rather than PM.

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