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Belgium 12 gauge, 28" bbls, choked **- bottom, ** top. used but not abused. real nice wood. blue wear in expected areas. mirror bores. serial 326xx s5. no salt. ship to ffl or see at silver dollar. 900.00 plus actual ship cost. joe 727-643-7075.
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I have the original case and its included. interior is a little rough. thanks for looking, joe
* designates full choke (F).

*- designates improved modified choke (IM).

** designates modified choke (M).

**- designates improved cylinder choke (IC).

**$ designates skeet (SK).

*** designates cylinder bore (CYL).
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tim, looks to be a little over 13.5". joe
Hey Jose did you bring this cold weather??

hi buddy, what cold weather? I left the cold weather in the north atlantic at the mud hole last of January. told the owner of the boat I didn't want to fish February this year. see u at the club.
gary, I don't have a super accurate scale but on the one I use to ship things fedex the weight of the gun is 6.5 lbs m.o.l, hope that helps.

the pad on the gun is 1/2", joe
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