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I bought a Super-X1 that was listed as a "project gun" on GunBrokers recently. All I wanted from the "project" was the stock and barrel as I had another receiver I had bought that was complete other then it needed a barrel and a stock and forearm. Don't have any use for the rest of the "project" as I have enough other parts and also already have a extra trigger. The receiver has no bluing wear but there is a small surface rust pit were it appears some sweat was dropped on it and not wiped off. The serial no. is very low being a four digit number 3xxx. The gas system needs the metal ring that goes under the O-ring ( and a rubber O-ring). Trigger has a few rust spots on the bottom of the trigger otherwise is fine. I think the bolt is complete and was told most of the small parts are new. The receiver comes with the magazine tube and recoil tube and spring. Magazine tube lacks the plugs both top and bottom. The trigger is a stage one trigger. $200.00 buys it all plus what ever the actual shipping cost's are to your zip code.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts