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I have watched with interest the threads regarding stuck choke tubes. I picked up a MonoGun a while back with thinwall Briley’s. Lazy of me for not removing the choke for a few weeks after quite a bit of use. You know the drill, tube is like welded in the barrel. Can’t get it out.

Tried the heat. Tried the cold. Soaked it in Kroil. Tried everything mentioned in all those threads. No success.

While looking for more info I stumbled upon the “Bad Ass Choke Tube Remover Tool” made by Rick Breshears down in Lonoke, Arkansas.

The tool was $70 and it was going to be my last shot before sending the barrel out to Briley for removal and repair.

After the tool arrived I suspected that if it did work it would destroy the tube based on the design. Like I said, last resort, so if the tube bit the dust so be it. Put the tool in per instructions and boom, tube came right out. No Damage! I was amazed.

You actually get three tools for the seventy bucks. One for full, one for modified and one for improved cylinder.

If you have a tube that has not come out via all the other methods, you may want to give this one a try. It worked great for me.
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