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I haven't shot registered clays yet, but am considering it. I'm 15 and not sure what type of equipment I need. Are blinders necessary, how about a rest for your gun? I'm not sure if reloads are allowed, or any of the regs. If you have input, it's appreciated. Also I'm struggling on stations 1 and 5, I'm not sure where I'm missing, probably behind, but if you have any ideas to become better on those stations, I'll check back later.

Thank you, deadeyedukewannabe - Amy
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Blinders are not mandatory like glasses and ear plugs. If you get distracted by movement out of the side of your eyes then get them. Blinders do offer protection from particles from wind and/or shooters with ported guns shooting next to you.

A gun rest is also optional. If you get tired holding up your gun get one. If you shoot a semi-automatic, please do not load a shell in the gun when it is resting on the rest.

Reloads are ok as long as the recipe is for a load below the maximum velocity. Also amount of shot and shot size must not exceed the maximum.

There is a link to the ATA rulebook on the ATA website, link above.

Ask for help at your range. See if you can get a trap to yourself, have the trapper lock the trap to throw your problem target(s). Ask one of the better shots for help. If there is a clinic by any of the top guns take it.

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