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I have just acquired a used MachOne with Turkish Walnut that needs a new home.

Inventory # DV-010
MachOne serial # 91

The is a beautiful piece that was my personal gun but I sold it 6 years ago and it has came back to us on a trade. The wood is a stunning piece of Turkish Walnut that you don't see much of any longer. It was tipped in Black Ebony on the for end & Grip Cap. We just went through the entire gun and replaced the locking button, trigger and all the barrel hangers for the new rib hook-up. The stock comes with two combs. one that is the original match to the wood and one done in Black to complete the accent. The second comb was done to accommodate a higher rib if desired. The original comb has a right hand offset of 3/8" and the black comb has an offset of 3/4." two fits in one stock. Dimension of the stock are: LOP ~ 13-7/8" with a Rocker Pad ~ toe out right 1/2" Pull Trigger ~ 33" barrel, fully adjustable & interchangeable rib, (3) Briley choke tubes provided. Great gun that deserves a new home.

Sale Price $ 6,800.00

The gun can also be viewed on our Web Site listed above:






Second Comb with additional Offset


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