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Strange 357 magnum ammo...pic

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Found some of these today and don't remember where I got them. The pointed ones are in WW brass and must be a kind of AP load. The round ones with the 2-tone nose are in geco brass. May be similar to Glasers?

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Ive got a box of the WW and yes they are the armor piercing.
The round ones appear to be a tracer load. I have some in 38 Special that look just like those... Dan Thome (Trap2)
The round nose may be 90 grain soft points. Pull one and weigh
the bullet. The pointed one's appear to be metal piercing ammo.
I believe it is a tracer...weight 116 grains and a hollowed out base for incendiaries.

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The old Winchesters are "Metal Piercing". They are lead bullets with a very thin copper nose. NOT armor piercing, unless an old car door is considered armor.
Actually Herters at one time sold those pointed bullets - I forget the particular claim for them but you know they had one- claim that is

Regards from Iowa

I believe the pointed ones on the right are Winchester loads. We carried a box of 50 in the glove compartment of our patrol cars back in the day. They were designed to penetrate auto bodies and engine blocks. As I recall the boxes were yellow. We used them at road blocks. If I recall correctly the bullets are solid or mostly copper in the nose.
They will penetrate auto sheet metal, but all they do is knock the paint off an engine block. I know this from first hand experience.
Metal piercing, armor piercing, car piercing. Whatever. JW
They were dead soft lead bullets with a thin copper cap, leaded badly and were terribly inaccurate.

I would observe they were obsolete when they were made.
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