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Storm shooting coat lost water proofing

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My storm coat getting me wet,what can I do to re water proof it . Any help / ideas ..thanks in advance..Respectfully, Rob Mize
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John told me to hang it up and spray a good water repellent on it, soak it till the liquid is running off.
There are lots of good water repellants on the market. I sprayed my winter rescue gear every year .
Scotchguard is an easy spray on. I get it at the hardware store. I find that a couple of thinner applications seems to last longer than a heavy soaking one. Good luck
I've used the spray that Walmart sells in their Camping Dept. It's made for tents, but worked well on my hunting stuff. Inexpensive too.

Thank you all for the good we know any name brands to spray with ,and where to get tham. Rob
when I inquired with Mr. Storm about the same problem, in fact I was going to buy a new jacket he said spray the old one which I did and worked fine.
I have had good success with Revivex Spray-on water repellent for outer wear (from GearAid), I used it on a Goretex jacket. Irv
+1 for Revivex, but I've also used Scotchguard. Both will work fine for your application. Check Amazon or any Big Box store.
I called Leslie at Storm and asked what to use ,she never heard of one failing but would call the fabric mfg and find out why it would leak , said she would stand behind the jacket .will call me tonight ..respectfully, Rob Mize
Talked to Leslie, what a nice lady, gave all the help I needed,very professional and honest, can't wait to meet her so I can buy another coat ,would recommend storm and there service to everybody.Respectfully,Rob Mize
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