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Stock Refinishing

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I do 15 to 20 stocks a year for the last 25 years so here is my method. First strip all the old finish off using a stripper agent, checkering and all. Mask off any plastic that you can't remove. Sanding is very important at this point, if dings or scratches are present sand them with the grain, carefully! I use 220 down to 400 wet or dry to remove all scratches. If it is a Franchi it is european walnut and usually hard enough you don't have to raise the grain with water and heat. Next decide on stain or not, that's up to you. If you do use good stain that penetrates and seals. Let dry for at least a day. I then mix tung oil and mineral spirits about 70/30 tung oil. Soak the wood and wipe off at least 2 times in a day. This will further seal the wood. I then start with Tru-Oil, follow directions(hint:use sparingly). Add till you're happy then let dry for 72 hrs. For gloss rub it down lightly with compound for satin use more compound. Work till you're happy. Let me know if you get into a snag. ftlupton
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I spoke with a stock maker a few years ago... He used linseed oil and a few drops of Japan drier to create his own finish. Linseed oil alone takes forever to dry ...adding Japan drier speeds up drying time and creates a reddish colored finish. I have tried it once a few years ago on a Winchester model 50 trap.... looks fantastic.

Thin coats, wait a day in between coats then sand with 600 grit. Do it again till the finish becomes like glass. Incredible looking reddish hard oil finish.

Anyone know where I can find a checkering tool that will match the pitch on a Perazzi and also what degree the pitch is on a Perazzi?


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