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Stock Lock System Experiences

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I am considering having a custom Stock Lock System made for a Perazzi MX 2000 RS. I would appreciate hearing opinions from current or previous owners?
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I have two. One on my MX8 OU and one on my Mx15 ... both purchased in 2005, the year that I had both shoulders replaced.

The first year they both worked well but went out of adjustment fairly often. The culprits were the ball bearings. They would "flatspot" and fail to lock. Pat McCarthy always made things good and eventually he found bearings made of better material.

Since then (circa 2007) I have only had to adjust the lock twice and haven't replaced any of the better ball bearings. One of the things I opted to do was to put return springs with greater tension on my MX8. I didn't like the return time while shooting doubles. The greater tension worked and I don't even notice the movement anymore.

Both of my stocks' locks work perfectly and I attribute this invention to allowing me to shoot with sore shoulders. I'd do it all over again.
Leo Harrison shoots with a Lock Stock. He switched over years ago when back problems were hurting him. Patrick McCarthy has made several improvements over the years that include reducing the weight of the system and reducing the amount of maintenance needed. He stands behind his product (he holds the patent on the design)and is a great guy to deal with.
As Pullit stated, I have had them all, Pat's Stock Lock is the best, I have Stock locks on my Seitz, Blaser, Perazzi and K-80, nothing better, and the shooters who shoot my guns agree! incinerate em!
Thanks for all the affirmative feedback. This will help make the investment easier.

As Mr Roach has had, I too have had both shoulders totally replaced 08-09 could not shoot for nearly 18 months.

In my down time Pat McCarthy made a stock to fit my requirements, and it is the softest shooting Stock I have ever used. (great guy to work with)

Picked the stock up in October 09, flew over from Australia to pick it up, no problems since I received it.

Only downside is I was praying it would help me shoot like "Leo" but to no avail I am still a mere mortal.

Regards...Release Trigger....Sydney Australia.
Release trigger, thank you for the vast plus benifits of Pat Mcarthy's Stock Lock, of prime importance is the fact that you are working with a many time All American, an ATA hall of famer, and probably one of the finest men you will ever meet! the system has saved so many shooting careers, shooters with heart, back, shoulder, arm, face problems have benifitted with this system, there are so many shooting career saving shooters out there that owe him a real debt of grattitude! incinerate em!

I agree Pat is a great guy with a great product, I can shoot all day and not have any shoulder problems from recoil at all.

My experience with Pat was first class, I have been back to the USA. twice since picking up my stock (2010 & 2011 Grand) and each visit Pat checked out my stock, each time needing nothing done other than a "check up" Pat took the time to make sure I was familiar with stripping down the stock and re-setting the action if needed.

Being some 12,000-13,000 mile from Pat he wanted me to be able to do any running repairs that I may need, he also gave me 3 bearing and spring kits so I can change myself if needed, so far all is good and I am confident of no problems in the future.

Over time you forget just how well the recoil reducing qualities of the Stock Lock works so in my wisdom decided to shoot my Perazzi with the original Turkish walnut timber stock,(I normally shoot a PFS on it) after just 50 targets decided I had enough, problem was I had done the damage and needed steriod injections from my Doc to ease the inflammation and pain in my shoulder all from the recoil, I will never do that again.

Regards,yours in sport.........Release Trigger...Downunder.
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Release Trigger
I had Pat measure me for a custom fit stock and he revealed that my current stock doesn't fit me very well, although I've been able to maintain AA-27for many years with it, so I am a bit concerned about this major of a change. My current stock has a soft touch with adjustable comb, but I had to reposition the bushings to be able to move it far enough to match up to how Pat measured me. Additionally, I installed an adjustable but plate in order to lower and twist the pad to get my gun to mount properly, again according to Pat,s measurements. I am anxious to finish these changes so I can shot my gun set up the way Pat measured me. If My gun shoots
the way I'm optimistically hoping, a custome Lock Stock will be mine in the very near future. Thanks for your valued input.

Worry not, I recently changed from Release-Pull to Double Release, it is amazing how quick the human brain can function and re-direct your body/sensors to operate accordingly.

Remember down here in Australia we do a lot of Double Barrel shooting and if the second barrel is not needed then we need to keep that trigger finger tight on the trigger until the gun is broken and made safe, it becomes an auto response within a very short time frame.

Give yourself time for the changes (do not force it, just let it happen) and I am sure you will be one very happy Trapshooter come this Summer.
A lot of people do not like change, grab it with both hands and embrace it, my ability is not what it once was since my Double shoulder Replacement, but with Pats help I am still able to compete in the best Sport and with the best people in the World

Remember that old saying "A change is as good as a Holiday".

Life is short, play hard and live it to the fullest.

Release Trigger......AKA. Gary Kennerson. 96 05145
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